Developer Productivity - Mastering Your Tools

Launch Academy

By Launch Academy

Get a glimpse of the Launch Academy experience by watching a clinic with our Co-Founder, Dan Pickett. In this session, Dan speaks about developer productivity and how it is important for us as software engineers to become masters of our tools. Specifically with Mac OS X, Dan takes a deep dive into the tools he uses as a software developer.

Below, find some of the resources Dan mentions in the video.


  • Applications

    • Epichrome - Site Specific Browser

    • Browser Fairy allows you to conditionally select a browser / app based on the URL of the link

    • Divvy to manage screen real estate

    • ShiftIt is a good, free alternative to Divvy

    • Alfred - global hotkeys and shortcuts

    • Quicksilver - global hotkeys and shortcuts

    • iTerm2 - a terminal that has many useful features

  • Chrome Extensions

  • Command Line Utilities

    • Oh My ZSH - a plugin architecture for your command line

    • FZF - easy autocompletion for your command line

  • Personal Productivity Tools

    • Evernote - A digital brain to capture everything you read on the web

    • Trello - task and project management

    • Todoist - personal task and project management

    • Wunderlist - personal task and project management

    • Flux - adjust display colors to adapt to the time of day. It helps with sleeping if you’re on the laptop late at night.