Launch Academy CIRR Statistics

September 1, 2017
I. Report Information
School NameLaunch Academy
Campus Location77 Summer Street
Boston, MA
Program NameFundamentals of Web Development
Reporting Period7/1/201612/31/2016
Published Course Length128
Enrolled Students101
II. Graduation Requirements
- Student must achieve a minimum of 12 technical points
- Student must achieve a minimum of 10 career services points
III. Graduation Data
How many students graduate within 100% of published program length (on-time)?58.4%
How many students graduate within 150% of published program length58.4%
IV. What were the employment results for graduates?90 days180 days
1. Employed full-time in paid, in-field positions65.6%82.0%
A. Full-time employee41.0%52.5%
B. Full-time apprenticeship, internship, or contract position18.0%23.0%
C. Hired by school in-field6.6%6.6%
2. Employed in other positions4.9%6.6%
A. Started a new company or venture after graduation0.0%0.0%
B. Short-term contract or part-time position4.9%4.9%
C. Hired by school out of field0.0%0.0%
D. Out of field0.0%1.6%
3. Not employed29.5%11.5%
A. Still seeking a job27.9%9.8%
B. Not seeking a job1.6%1.6%
4. Non-reporting0.0%0.0%
What is the median annual base salary of graduates?$65,000$64,000
Under $60,00033.3%40.0%
Percentage of job obtainers who reported salaries100.0%100.0%
V. What were the most frequent job titles for graduates?
Software Engineer/Developer43.6%
Web Developer20.0%
Experience Engineer Apprentice7.3%
Full Stack Developer5.5%
QA/Test Engineer5.5%
VI. What percent of incoming students held a prior computer science degree?0.0%

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