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Development Partner

Get the RIGHT product developed.

We’ll build it together. From refining your idea to releasing your product, we’re here to support you.


If you’re starting out with an idea, or if you’re looking to improve an existing product, we can help. With a diverse team and broad range of technical skills, we’ll get it done for you.


Bring strategic and development expertise into your existing organization. We’ll supplement your existing team and work with you side-by-side. We can help to improve processes, cultivate talent, and to ship your product faster.


Train and integrate your software development team. We’ve been launching development careers since 2012, so let us put our knowledge around instructional design, immersive education experiences, and challenge-based learning to work for you.

Get Started

Every meaningful journey starts with a small step. Let’s get going.

Code Audit

Get a human-friendly review of what your software looks like, and identify any potential trouble spots that might get in the way of achieving your goals.

We’ll take a look at your code, infrastructure, process, and team. Together, we’ll put together a plan and identify next steps.

Product Roadmap

A great product requires a fair amount of planning and refinement. Start your design and development effort off right with a proven strategy. Once we identify what to build together, Launch will create an initial set of user stories and wireframes for you.

These items will help you to better understand the size and complexity of your project.

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