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How is COVID-19 affecting Launch Academy courses?

Launch Academy has returned to in-person learning! We’re taking all precautions while also making the most of our time together to collaborate and become the best versions of ourselves as developers.

Our current health and safety protocols include masking in the space, socially distanced work areas, frequent cleaning and disinfecting, and a vaccine requirement for attendance. We’re constantly re-evaluating our protocols to make sure we’re providing the safest and most productive environment based on both city and state guidelines.

Additionally, despite returning to in-person learning, we’ve also added more flexibility into remote work options so that students can still participate fully in the program while occasionally working from home.

What makes Launch Academy different from other similar programs?

We care. Honestly. Our core principles can be distilled into a single goal: we want to help you be the absolute best person you can be. We teach at a higher level than other bootcamps, and our graduates are a step (or five) ahead of their peers in other programs. We value long-term success over short-term gains, and we pledge to stick with you and provide ongoing support for every one of our graduates. All Launchers, from those that graduated from our first cohort in the summer of 2013 to the ones on campus right now, are encouraged to reach out to us for support. Hiring rates are important (and we’ve got some of the best in the business) but we consider them to be vanity metrics. Instead, we judge our success on the successes of our graduates in their new positions.

We are really proud of our challenge-based curriculum, full-time staff, post-grad support program, and collaborative learning environment. Our curriculum is 100% challenge-based and we introduce our students to concepts the night before they’ll learn it from the instructors. A challenge-based curriculum allows you to take concepts that you’ve been introduced to and learn more about their practical use through coding challenges; i.e. learning through doing. We also teach Test-Driven Development (TDD), something that not a lot of other bootcamps do. Using TDD as a learning tool allows you to gain focus and clarity on what you want your programs to do before you write a line of code.

We provide our students with a cohesive learning experience via our full-time staff, inclusive of post-grad support and job placement assistance. Our Career Services Team spends a great deal of time with each of our students, learning their interests and backgrounds, what they love to do and how they want to apply that to their career after Launch. Our Career Services Team’s research, legwork, and connections in the industry put our students in a great position to get hired right after graduation.

Is this the same thing as school but for coding?

No, and we just shuddered thinking about that. That would be very unproductive. You’re going to get your hands dirty (metaphorically) and build stuff–real stuff that you may even decide to take with you when you leave. You’ll learn by doing, you’ll make mistakes, and then you’ll learn even more when you fix ‘em. Your instructors, mentors and fellow students will help you along the way. We’ll throw new challenges at you each and every day and the second you feel comfortable, we’ll change it up and knock you off balance again.

How does your tuition cost and value compare to other bootcamps?

We know we’re not the least expensive option out there, but being the cheapest isn’t our goal. Instead, our goal is to give you the best possible learning outcome. We promise you’ll get world-class instruction, mentorship, and career support in an atmosphere that elevates everybody. We’re guided by a genuine interest in helping people be the best they can be.

We’ve been teaching for longer than most, and we focus on continuously refining and improving our curriculum every day. We don’t have to answer to the short-term profit motives of venture capital investors like some of the larger bootcamps, and because of that we can afford to give you the personal attention and long-term support that they can’t.

What should I know going into the interview?

We don’t make admissions decisions based on how much code you know before you apply. Here’s the deal: a technical background is great for those who have it, but it’s far from essential. We want someone who is comfortable learning through experimentation — someone who is gung-ho about problem solving and ready to jump into a group with a mind for collaborative learning. You don’t need to be a Ruby or Javascript expert — that’s what we’re here for. Just be ready to use your brain.

You can find more detail on the interview process here.

What's the deal with Scholarships?

We offer rolling scholarships for women and underrepresented minorities in tech. Contact our admissions office for more details.

What's the schedule?

The daily schedule is Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. This is where the bulk of the instruction, practice, code reviews, competitions, guest presentations, pairing, etc. will take place. Our experience is that people will want to work much more than 8 hours a day (and maybe even weekends). That is ok. We will be there with you and it will be a lot of fun.

What happens after its over?

Launch Academy’s primary goal is graduating students who go on to build amazing things. The introductions we make for you at Post-Grad Kickoff are just the next step in that direction. Our career services team, will continue to provide career support if you need it, and your instructors and mentors will continue the student-mentor relationship by supporting you in your new job. Since we played a role in getting you there, it’s our duty to be sure that you succeed. We commit to at least 6-months of post grad support, but we hope the relationship lasts a lifetime.

Are you saying that I'm guaranteed a job after graduation?

Our placement rate is crazy high because we’re teaching an in-demand skill to ridiculously smart and hard-working people that continue to work hard when it comes to finding a job. We can’t guarantee you a job, but we can guarantee that we will give you all the skills needed to be a junior developer along with the support of our dedicated talent management staff.

You’ll have direct connections to our awesome Hiring Partners and a chance to wow ‘em on Post-Grad Kickoff. They have a strong interest in hiring talented people, and it’s likely there will be many matches. We provide you with all of the opportunity, but ultimately finding a job comes down to you.

Do you accept foreign students?

Absolutely! We embrace and encourage diversity in all forms. Doing so further enriches the learning experience for everybody, and that’s what we’re all about. Someday we hope to provide visa assistance, but unfortunately we can’t at this time.

10 weeks sounds like a short amount of time. Will it be enough to become a programmer?

Like any other technical skill, one’s ability to master software development hinges on a willingness to practice and stay devoted to the craft. We kickstart your journey towards becoming an influential coder and we will teach you enough programming to start providing value to a software team as a Jr. Developer on Day 1. We only accept students who have an innate drive to learn and be the best they can be. Over time, we expect them to become elite programmers.

Where is all this going down?

Our campus is awesome! We’re located right in the heart of Boston and easily accessible from the Red, Orange, and Green lines of the T. We’ve got a relaxed, open space for you to get comfortable while you learn to program.

What is the prognosis for a career as a Jr. Developer in Boston these days?

Demand for developers in the Greater Boston Area is strong. Launch Academy prepares students for a variety of roles (full-time, apprenticeship, internship) in various technologies (Ruby on Rails, Python, .NET, JavaScript).

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Yes. All of our students bring their own Mac laptops. We have some Cinema displays here that students can use for pair programming sessions, coding challenges, and group projects. We’ll spend the first few hours of the cohort helping you get your system set up and optimized for web development.

Why Mac?

In general running open source software on a windows machine is very difficult. We want student experiences to be seamless and model what it will be like on the job. If everyone has the same tools, it makes collaboration and troubleshooting much easier.

What is the job placement policy?

We do our best to help students find jobs. You can read more here

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