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Learn to Code with The HTML Show: Episode 14—Building a Responsive Resume Part 1

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So far, we’ve focused on coding without any design guidance or overall aesthetic direction. Time to change that!

In Episode 14, we’re applying everything we’ve covered so far to build a responsive resume page adapted from a traditional, professionally designed template. Developers should treat their resume as a place to showcase what they can create! In part one of this seven-part code bonanza, Launch Academy Co-Founder Dan Pickett starts to outline how to use semantic markup and CSS to build a responsive resume.

Episode 14 Learning Objectives:

  • Plan a new web page development project
  • Identify resources for design inspiration and color theming
  • Incorporate icons with the fontawesome library
  • Begin to build out our new HTML project

Let’s code!

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Lauren Alworth is a former member of the Launch Academy marketing team.

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