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Our Mission

Accessible Education for Women.

Let's Close the Gap.

Prism Shift represents challenging the status quo. We strive to build more than just a coding bootcamp for women—we’re creating a communal hub of passionate individuals working collectively toward an equitable future for all. It’s a big endeavor, and one that we can’t do alone, but we’re excited and dreaming big. (Isn’t that how progress comes about, after all?)

Gender equality, especially in tech, is an extremely complex issue. It’s no secret that tech is a male-dominated field. It’s also no secret that women want better representation and opportunity in software engineering careers. So we put a stake in the ground: to fight for equitable representation, respect, and pay in tech. Because that’s worth building, together.

So, at Prism Shift, we’re going to work toward that vision. We’re going to educate women to become awesome junior web developers. We’re going to provide a haven, safe from the status quo, that’s respectful and inspiring for tomorrow’s software engineers.

We’re going to educate you to be better and bolder, with solid support structures to build your network, help you find a job you can respect, and launch your successful career. Together, our community will continue working for greater equity in tech—because together we can do more than we ever could alone.

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Community & Career

Graduates of the program receive lifetime postgrad support including access to curriculum as well as Career Services. Launch is more than just an education, it's access to a country-wide development community. Never stop learning.

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Lifelong Mentors

Mentorship is a huge but under-discussed part of becoming a developer. We're building a network of strong mentors, that you can relate to, to help guide student through all parts of their growth as web developers. Don't go it alone.

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Becoming a Leader

Special crafting has been put into the development of an extra piece to the Launch curriculum for this program, leadership. Extra topics such as salary negotiation, interpersonal communication, and principles of leadership are covered.

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Full-Service Bootcamp Model



The Ignition program ensures Launchers are ready to hit the ground running when they arrive on campus. Launchers & Experience Engineers work together virtually to solidify fundamental programming skills.


10 Weeks

An immersive learning experience focused on building real products. Launchers work collaboratively with their peers as well as our experienced engineers.

Career Kickoff

2 Days

Launchers show off what they built during bootcamp and have the opportunity to rub elbows with our network of awesome companies on the lookout for great talent.

Post-Grad Support

6 Months

Graduates will continue to have unrestricted access to our learning management system, advanced skill-building projects, code reviews with our engineering team, and career guidance.

Alumni Membership


Alumni are always welcome at Launch Academy. They’ll have exclusive access to networking & career development events, and many return as guest speakers, recruiters, or simply to have a beer with us!


You'll start your coding journey with an 8-week, online, part time training program we call Ignition. By completing a series of readings, videos, and exercises with the help of your peers and Experience Engineers, you'll learn the foundations of Ruby and Javascript - even if you've never written code before!

Programming Languages

A programming language is a formal constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer.

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Career Prep

A successful career as a programmer requires a holistic approach that goes beyond raw programming skill. Career preparation is a major part of the Launch Academy experience, and it ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward during the job hunt.

Guest Speakers
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Company founders, directors of engineering, and community leaders visit every week and talk with Launchers about what it’s like to work in the industry.

Portfolio Review
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We apply an intense polish to your resume, personal profile, social media profile, and programming portfolio.

Mock Interviews
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A series of mock interviews conducted in the final weeks of the program prepare you to put your best foot forward at Career Kickoff.

Career Kickoff
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The companies come to you! Show off what you built at Launch, network with hiring partners, and explore the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.

Post-Grad Support
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Every student receives post-grad support, which includes continual access to our learning management system, office hours with Experience Engineers, and career guidance.

We're Here to Help

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    What is Prism Shift?

    Prism Shift is an 18-week programming bootcamp that provides a respectful and inspiring environment for learners (e.g., those eager to start a career in software development). Students spend the first eight weeks leveling up their skills by working through a pre-learning curriculum on a part-time online basis. The next 10 weeks are spent learning on campus full time in a simulated work environment.

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    Why a women-only program?

    So many reasons! (Far too many to address in a brief FAQ, in fact.) In short: Many are aware of the tech industry gender gap. All too often, though, the gender gap is viewed as the problem, rather than a symptom of more deeply rooted systemic issues in education and the culture at large.

    Our women-only bootcamp aims to reduce the barriers and gender-based challenges women face when starting out in tech careers, and also provide mentor relationships and insight to help Prism Shift students in future endeavors.

    It’s an incredibly complex problem that won’t be solved overnight, but we’re excited to change the culture in the spaces we do control: our classrooms.

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    How is the program tailored to benefit women programmers?

    The process of learning a new skill doesn’t change based on gender. However, the experience of learning a new skill does.

    Learning to program is difficult no matter who you are. And in a mixed-gender learning environment, there are social challenges that disproportionately affect women. Prism Shift simply provides an opportunity for women to learn in an environment that’s free from these roadblocks. Additionally, all of our mentors are women.

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    Will women run the program?

    Prism Shift is primarily led by our female instructors. Jesse Norris, Prism Shift Experience Manager, oversees all programming and initiatives; she and her team strive to create an inclusive space that also welcomes male allies as guest speakers and support. Our goal is to create an environment that takes away the challenges presented in mixed-gender classrooms, while still acknowledging the realities of working in tech.

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    Are transgender, non-binary, or gender-fluid individuals allowed to attend Prism Shift?

    Yes, the Prism Shift program is open to those who identify as a woman in a way that is significant to them. This includes trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. We strive to create an environment that serves an underrepresented part of the coding world. We are crafting a space that strives to remove barriers for that group.

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