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Our grads find long-term career success at some of the most selective and in-demand employers in the industry.

  • Amazon
  • Care
  • Six River Systems
  • Brightcove
  • CVS
  • Hubspot
  • Indigo
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Toast
  • Wayfair
Course Prep & Pre-work
Get started with the basics of coding during this optional course prep

Unit 1: Validate Interest

Unit 2: Prepare To Learn

Unit 3: Introductory Concepts

Unit 4: Reduce Imposter Syndrome

Unit 5: Mitigate Risk

Unit 6: Get Ready

Coding Fundamentals
Build a strong foundation and get familiar with the tools of the trade
  1. Unit 1: Config & Command Line
  2. Unit 2: Debugging & Troubleshooting
  3. Unit 3: JavaScript, NodeJS
  4. Unit 4: Data Structures
  5. Unit 5: OOP & Libraries
  6. Unit 6: PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS
Software Immersive
Develop advanced-level skills in a hands-on environment
  1. Unit 1: Test-Driven Development
  2. Unit 2: ReactJS & API’s
  3. Unit 3: Full-Stack Apps
  4. Unit 4: Technical Interview Practice
  5. Unit 5: Team Project
  6. Unit 6: Capstone Project
Career Advancement
Land your first job and get access to lifetime career services support
  • Pitch Practice
  • Meet Local Companies
  • Job Interview Prep
  • Advanced Curriculum Releases
  • Free Workshare Space
  • Lifetime Career Support!

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How We Stack Up

Launch AcademyCS DegreeAverage Bootcamp
Applied Learning Hours700+800+450+
Time commitment (weeks)18200+12+
Real-time, market-driven curriculum
Lifetime learning access
Lifetime career support
Direct intro to hiring partners
Total Investment$16-$17k$80-$200k$8-$26k

"The Ignition program they implement before coming on campus greatly sets them apart from other camps and will assist all newcomers in being able to digest such a large amount of information."

Alex Smith

Cut through the noise. Launch your career the right way.

Constantly evolving curriculum
Learn the skills that matter in the job market today

The technology landscape changes almost daily, and so do the qualifications hiring managers are looking for in the market. That’s why we work directly with our hiring partners to ensure every graduating class is armed with the most up-to-date skillset possible and update our curriculum to reflect those needs in real-time.

Practical, hands-on learning
Build your confidence by doing the real work

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for success as a professional developer in the real world. We condense the most practical skills and practices of a 4-year CS degree into just 18 weeks in order to maximize your return on time spent working with real code. We make sure you get the chance to get your hands in the code and get messy, from your first day of coding on — with plenty of support along the way.

Full-time, dedicated teaching staff
Learn from practicing experts who are committed to your success

Unlike other bootcamps, every member of the Launch team is a full-time employee. We have no other responsibilities or distractions besides teaching you what you need to be successful and ensuring you get there. We are all-in.

Lifetime learning access and support
Stay ahead of the curve for the rest of your career

You’ll never have to worry about being out of the loop on current hiring trends and new technologies. Long after you graduate, you’ll still get access to updated course content as soon as it’s released and have a direct line to career services for the rest of, well, forever.

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