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Learn to Code

The Human Way

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Learn to Code

The Human Way

Learning On Campus

At Launch, we genuinely care about your future. Our best-in-class on-campus programs are designed to get you into web development quickly and affordably. In just a semester you could be a web developer. Come take a look.

Launch Academy Student Stories: How Climbing is Like Coding

by Monica Kosciuk

January 15, 2018

I highly recommend Launch Academy to anyone who is thinking about switching to software development. Launch Academy found a great formula for bootcamp success. The instructors are friendly and patient, the students they admit are all motivated and willing to help each other out.
Mo zhu fe33cc7537a14cff0f70f010b5496e3783448f6823d8fe8cc6eb4000cbb5c33a

Mo Zhu

3Play Media

Software Developer

Simply stated, the dedicated staff @ Launch Academy expedited my goal of becoming a web developer. I toyed with the idea of getting an MBA, but I had become distrustful of 'higher education' and its generic degrees. I took a chance on Launch Academy & they never let me down. I recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their skills or change careers.
Steph viccari a23564ed05fba19b581f3e5dca5e3b12c19d6faf752196d941d6b43b30a87b87

Stephanie Viccari

MeYou Health

Software Developer

I had a great experience. I learned more than I expected, worked with an incredible group of people and had a blast developing cool things for ten weeks. Upon completion of the course, we had initial interviews with approx. 30 companies. I had several follow up interviews and I accepted an incredible position as a Rails Developer within two weeks of graduation.
Dave poirier c7c911e7c2d93b17ff8d8a202eb015f4c69d3f419d08103c4347bada97c87640

Dave Poirier

Bidding for Good

Software Developer

Launch Academy is a very intense and hardcore immersive learning experience. The fact that the students have a working deployed app after 10 weeks as well as a plethora of completed coding challenges and projects says a lot about the efficiency of Launch Academy.
Jeff li 47235af07064c6453af4b22d84a72a73d17e862392003799ab0b5dee462de912

Jeff Li


Software Developer

We're here to help

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    What is Launch Academy?

    Launch Academy offers an 18-week, web development course taking eager learners with little to no coding experience and giving them the tools to add value as a junior contributor to a software development team

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    What kind of people are you looking for?

    You are highly motivated to learn and naturally curious. You don't give up easily, ever. You maintain an inner force that drives you to build something beautiful someday which will make an impact on the world. You play well with others and are kind. You often want to help those around you. You're super excited about learning to code.

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    Will I have a chance at succeeding?

    If you are motivated and enthusiastic about learning technology, then yes, you will. You don't need a special cape or a magic wand to be a programmer. You don't need advanced math or calculus. Programming is a language and a way of thinking. Anybody who wants to learn to program proficiently can do so. If you are accepted, that means we see something special in you. We won't settle for anything less.

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    What languages do you teach? What will I learn?

    We give you exposure to the full stack. You’ll learn Javascript, Ruby, HTML/CSS, and SQL. But learning the languages isn’t really that helpful unless you also know the frameworks in which to apply them. You’ll get experience applying the programming languages you learn in frameworks like React, JQuery, Enzyme, Capybara, Sinatra, Rails, and PostgreSQL.

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    Why should I learn to program?

    Even non-technical jobs are beginning to require basic programming knowledge. Knowing how to write and think in code is quickly becoming one of the most essential skills in the job market. But the rewards of learning to program go deeper than just getting a better job. Code has innumerable touchpoints in your daily life, and understanding the underlying logic of the programmable world around you means you’ll have a deeper understanding of the everyday magic found in modern life.

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