How to Prepare for Your Launch Academy Interview

Launch Academy

By Launch Academy

February 1, 2022

Preparing for the Launch Academy Interview

The goal at Launch Academy is to provide the top coding bootcamp experience in the world. Our iterative instructional design aims to build on the learnings from prior cohorts so our graduates can always stay ahead of the curve.  Our interviews are no different.  We engineered our interview process to provide a highly selective experience so that only the top candidates are accepted to our web developer immersive program.  Preparation is a key element of success.  Prepare to succeed in your interview and impress us via these steps:

Get set up for your interview 

Your interview will be conducted via a video call on Zoom.  You'll need a computer and a strong internet connection to participate.

  1. At the time of your interview, click on the Zoom url link in the interview confirmation email sent to you after completing your application.  Can't find it?  Just search for ''.
  2. If you are having trouble getting set up for your interview on Zoom, don't fret, just give us a call or text at 844-745-2862 ext 1 or email us at


Get to know the bootcamp interview agenda

Your interview will last up to 60 minutes and will cover the following four topics:

  1. Getting to Know You - We are interested in learning more about you, your goals and why you are motivated to learn to code.
  2. Ask Us Anything - This is your chance to ask all the burning questions about learning to code at Launch Academy.  Fire away!
  3. Lightning Talk - To teach is to learn.  You'll spend 5 minutes teaching us about something for which you are passionate about.  We'll be assessing your ability to explain a subject clearly, succinctly, and in common language.  Share your enthusiasm and teach us about something that motivates you!
  4. Logic Exercise - You’ll work through multiple logic questions.  You will be required to show us how you think by talking through a problem out loud - a process in software development known as 'rubber ducking'.  We' want to know how you work when faced with a challenge.  We're seeking folks with a growth mindset that don't let the struggle with learning frustrate them to the point of giving up.  Do you learn well with others?  Learning to code is a collaborative process at Launch Academy, now is your chance to show us you're a collaborative learner.

Good luck!