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How much should I save for a bootcamp?

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We get asked that question quite a bit. In attending a bootcamp, like many major life changes, you assume some risk. We want to help you understand how to financially plan for a bootcamp. This is a generic guide, not everyone will have the same considerations, but we’ve talked to a lot of graduates and want to set your financial expectations in the right direction.

The Minimum Finances

  • Cost of Tuition (If not using a payment plan)
  • Opportunity Cost of Attendance (10 Weeks of Your Average Salary)
  • Cost of Living (10 Weeks)
  • Travel / moving expenses.
  • 3 months living expenses post-graduation.

While not the gravity of four years at a traditional institution, costs do add up. The vast majority of our students get placed or find jobs, but like any realistic job search it can take a few months. You need to buffer and protect yourself. 


Graduation is rewarding, and after the norm is to celebrate and take a breather. That’s healthy. But in you can’t afford to just stop learning once you graduate. You need to keep increasing your chances of employment through self-development:

  • Polishing your portfolio with new projects and code.
  • Improving your resume.
  • Self-structured learning habits.

Though there out outliers, there are typically one of two outcomes in attending a bootcamp.

  • You become employed by a small or mid sized company.
  • You are offered a paid internship for 6-12 months.

It’s important to understand the difference between those two outcomes. Paid internships are pay less than someone employed for the period of the internships. However once completed you are typically paid more than someone who became employed straight out of a bootcamp. As you can imagine both have their appeals.

It’s key to prepare for every possibility when it comes to your future. We hope this gives you a good model as to how to start thinking of the process. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Best of luck.

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