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Interviewing with Launch Academy

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Changing careers (or starting one) takes guts. Becoming a software developer in 10 weeks takes brains. Launchers need both (among other awesome qualities), and we’ve honed in on an interview process that shows us what you’re made of.

Everyone has heard the traditional interview questions (“What is your greatest strength?”). We generally find those types of questions to be unproductive, because they don’t elicit answers that help us learn much about you. We’ve found that canned questions usually lead to canned responses, so we choose to do things differently. We want to make your experience at Launch (and beyond) nothing short of exceptional, and we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t do everything we could to ensure Launch is the best fit for this next step in your career.

Getting Set-Up For Your Interview

The interview will be conducted over Google Hangouts, so make sure you have a Google account  set up and tested before we start. If you don’t already have a Google Account, you can create one here.  If you’ve never done a Hangout on your machine, you can install the Hangouts plugin here.  You can also test your hardware settings by going to Chat Settings > Verify your Settings.
You’ll get a confirmation email after scheduling your interview, and in it you’ll find a Google Hangout link that will be used at the time of your interview.

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