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Launch 101: Bootcamps vs. Colleges

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Coding bootcamps seem like all the rage these days. Thousands of people are enrolling in and graduating from them, opting for this newer learning method than a traditional college education. But do they live up to the hype? And, more importantly, are they the right fit for you?

The Comparison
So, what exactly makes a coding bootcamp different from a college? 

From the time commitment and price to the teaching methods and takeaways, we’ve got the rundown for you.
Time Commitment
8 – 12 weeks
2 – 4 years
$10k – $20k
$50k – $200k
Primary Educational Focus
Learning practical skills and coding languages currently in demand by hiring managers
Learning skills that are used in academia and computer science theory
Possess modern programming language skills that keep up with the industry
Focused on academia career and theory that doesn’t change; disconnected from industry
Teaching Methods
Intense pace with collaborative learning with students and developer mentors, learning by building real apps
Slow pace with lectures, book readings, take-home assignments, and grades
Class Size
Instructor to student ratio of 1:7
Small classes of 30 to lectures of 100’s
Practical, applicable knowledge that you can use on the first day of your job as a developer
Understanding of theory and how computers work
Ideal For
Cost conscious career switchers seeking a hyper focused learning environment to attain a job they are passionate about
People starting out their career that have time and are seeking a more diverse education in many fields
Career Services
Interview with hiring partners at graduation that are ready to hire; average placement rates of 3 months
Standard career services offered by colleges, including job fairs
Ask Yourself
Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on coding bootcamps and understand their differences from colleges, there are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself.

What are your learning goals? Do you want to learn more about computer science theory and algorithms or do you want to walk away with web programming projects under your belt and a portfolio of apps that you created?
If your goal is to become a computer scientist or someone who understands the theoretical foundations of computations, definitely pursue that 4-year computer science degree. However, if you’re more gung-ho about learning the current in-demand skills in a shorter amount of time and are eager to get into a work environment with like minded people to continue your learning on the job, a bootcamp is right up your alley.
Where do you want to be in 2-3 years? Do you still want to be in school or would you rather have a couple years of experience under your belt by that point?
By the time someone graduates with a computer science degree, a bootcamp graduate will have already been working for 2-3 years.

What Is Launch Academy?

Launch Academy is a 10-week immersive bootcamp that gives eager learners with little to no coding experience the tools they’ll need to add value as a junior contributor to a professional software engineering team. Here’s a quick rundown of our programs in Boston and Philadelphia:
Program Length: 8 weeks of pre-work (part-time), 10 weeks on-campus (full-time) 
Graduation Rate: 93% 
Job Placement Rate: 93% of job-seeking graduates obtained full-time non-temporary jobs in web development 
Class Size: 35-40 
Student to Teacher Ratio: 7:1 
Program Length: 8 weeks of pre-work (part-time), 10 weeks on-campus (full-time) 
Graduation Rate: 100% 
Job Placement Rate: coming soon
Class Size: 11-15
Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1 

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