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Launch Recommended Office Toys

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At Launch, we’re pretty obsessed with job outcomes, and education. But on a casual basis, we also have a deep passion: nerdy desk toys. We wanted to share some of our Launch-favorites. Not because it will help you get a job, but because maybe it’ll put smiles on your faces.

Poro Plushies

If you spend time in the staff offices at Launch Academy, you begin to notice these strange creatures scattered around…

Poros are adorable mascots from the game, “League of Legends.” While most of our staff are avid gamers of one variety or another, we’re not quite sure how this began. The office legend is that they simply began appearing, as if from thin air. 

The office Poro population has inflated to a ridiculous degree, even making it into the naming cadence of some of our internal software. Honestly? We couldn’t be happier. If your office needs a little cheer, you couldn’t do better.


The most stylish Charmander of all.

Between Makerbot and Raspberry Pi, our staff make it no secret that creation is the primary driver behind our passion for coding. Our current obsession is Makerbot-generated Pokemon. If you want to declare yourself, “King of the Coders” pop a Makerbot on your desk and become that person. Your ability to synthesize adorable desk toys for your coworkers will make you unstoppable. 

The Capybara

Alumni of Launch are mostly all aware of the Cuddlekin Capybara that moves around the student space, always hiding and appearing in weird places. Why does the Capy move and who moves it? None can say. What we can tell you in that capybaras are amazing critters, great test-automation software, and very long-lasting plush toys (our’s has survived over twelve cohorts).

Remember: Hidden Capys are the best Capys.

Low-Maintenance Desk Plant

I am groot.

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