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Launch Your Friends

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Greetings alumni. Recently we performed some painstaking data analysis, a spiritual journey through the Netherlands with the ghosts of our ancestors, and talked with Max. It turns out that the folks you refer make really awesome students. 

We also feel a little bad that we’re maybe not being as appreciative of your thoughtfulness as we could. So we’ve decided to enact a referral policy at Launch Academy. We call it, “Launch Your Friends.”

If an alumni launches someone into the program (referral, catapult, or preferred method of acceleration):

  1. The alumni will receive $200.
  2. Or we can donate it to a programming charity if you’d like.

How do you know I was the reference?
Before attending, students are given a form to fill out. Included is a field asking if someone referred them. If they give you the credit, that’s how we’ll know.

When-in lies the money, oh Academy of the Launching?
A few weeks, after the beginning of the class, we’ll send you an email to get your updated contact info. You will receive monies a some weeks after that.

What if I referred someone, but they don’t put it in the form?
If it’s before day one, you can have them email: jim dot bruno at

Why should my friends go to Launch Academy?

  • 93% of our completed students have programming jobs.
  • The average salary for the first year is $63,000. This scales up quickly.
  • We hope you liked our EE’s, atmosphere, and education.

Policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Launch Academy, Inc. Receiver is subject to all tax surrounding referral bonus.

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