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Learn to Code with The HTML Show: Episode 9—How the Web Works

Reading Time: < 1 minute

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far, and at this point you’ve learned enough to get a good start in coding your own web page. Now it’s really important to start thinking about how your site will fit into the larger context of the web.

Take a breather from code and learn the nuts and bolts of how the web actually works by covering IP addresses (IPv4 versus IPv6), servers and ports, the HTTP protocol, and SSL.

Episode 9 Learning Objectives:

  • Define the mechanics of the cloud
  • Demonstrate how TCP/IP runs the web
  • Provide examples of how servers and ports function
  • Demonstrate the protocols at work when you navigate to a web page

Let’s go!

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Lauren Alworth is a former member of the Launch Academy marketing team.

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