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Live Bootcamp AMA

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Dan Pickett, Launch Academy Co-Founder

Bootcamp AMA (ask me anything). Ask Dan anything you want.

Our Facebook Page. Streamed live!

Tuesday May 31st, 2016. 8 PM EST.

Show up on the page, type questions. Dan will answer them.

But Why? Because bootcamps are awesome. The world needs web developers. It’ll need 2.4 million of them, but will probably only have 400-600K. Meaning you get higher pay, better chance of getting a job, and more flexibility in the future. Bootcamps get you to “hirable” in just 10 weeks.

Things that sound too good to be true usually are, we get it. So we want to help set your mind at ease. If you have questions about our online or on-campus programs, or bootcamps in general, take it right to the source. We’d love to have some questions off the bat to kick off the event – if you have any now, please shoot us an email to have them featured in the event.

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