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Meet the Placement & Talent Manager

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“Meet the…” is a series to familiarize yourself with the staff of Launch Academy. Career Services is the arm of Launch Academy that connects students to employers.

Nice to meet you. My name is Mike McCoy, I’m the new manager of Placement and Talent at Launch Academy Philadelphia. I’m a passionate believer in building up Philadelphia’s tech community, and my role at Launch is simple; to create partnerships with companies in the area area and match our Launchers with their dream technical position.

In Boston, we’ve placed well over 420 people since 2013. We’re bring the same quality program to the Philadelphia community this year, and looking to expand to other locations in the country as well. For me, Philly comes first. Our local tech scene is evolving and together we can help grow our city into the technical giant we know it can become!

At Launch, we run the full spectrum of modern web technologies for a 10-week software development bootcamp. We teach Javascript, Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, React, Sinatra, and Rails. We don’t just teach coding, but how to solve problems.

If you’re planning to become a student at Launch Philadelphia, I look forward to meeting you. If you are considering hiring in the Philadelphia area, connect with me to learn more about Launch Academy and how to meet our graduates.

Mike McCoy
[email protected]

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