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Path Charters Learn to Code Facebook Group Guidelines

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This group is intended to be a welcoming and encouraging environment for those learning to code. So, to support that, let’s set some ground rules, together.

By being part of the Path Charters Facebook Group, you agree to:

First and Foremost, Be Cool

Learning something new is hard. When someone is trying to get help or encouragement, being met with aggression, snarkiness, hurtfulness, or otherwise unprofessional behavior does not help their cause.

Simply put, don’t be a jerk. There. We said it.

Keep it clean. If you wouldn’t post it at work, don’t post it here

If you can’t find it on cable TV, or if you’d get in trouble if your boss saw it, it probably doesn’t belong on this group.

Spare the self promotion and spam

Feel free to post a helpful article you’ve written with context, but please do not solicit members of this group, whether publicly or through direct message. Affiliate links are not welcome here.

Keep it relevant

Facebook is a social platform, but the objective of this group is to help and support those learning to code. So, let’s keep it about that!  

Launch Academy, and the moderators of this group, reserve the right to remove posts, comments, and members from the group.

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