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Prepping for Launch

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We are proud to announce today a partnership with First Step Coding, a Boston-based bootcamp preparation program. Through FSC, Boston students have the option to learn the fundamentals of Javascript, and get a first-hand experience in learning to code. Though Launch has zero pre-learning requirements, and this is not a requirement of the program, some students want the assurity of doing some initial code work before making a larger commitment to learning.

“When I started First Step Coding, I set out to build the most accessible introduction to coding ever created. Coding takes many hours of practice to master, but it is more akin to learning an instrument than rocket science. Unfortunately, most intro courses haven’t succeeded at projecting this and truly optimizing for beginners.

We’ve sought help not only from professional software engineers but also certified educators to build our course. We’ve also listened to feedback from hundreds of students and put it into action. We’ll never stop evolving this program, but at this point I can confidently tell you First Step Coding is the best first step you can take to learn the basics while you explore the possibility of becoming a software engineer. We can help you achieve your goals not only through our lessons, but also by facilitating real, honest conversations with others who have walked in your shoes.”

– Andy Tiffany, Founder of First Step Coding

Boston On Campus students who go through FSC, for $1,500, will then receive that amount off their Launch Academy tuition. This essentially makes the First Step program free for anyone who attends and then follows through to become a student at Launch.

The First Step Coding Program and Tuition Credit is currently unavailable to Pennsylvania residents.

Option 1: Direct Path
New to Coding —> Ignition (Prework) —> Launch Academy ($15,500 – 17,500) —> Web Development

Option 2: Prep Path
New to Coding —> First Step Coding ($1,500) —> Ignition (Prework) —> Launch Academy Boston ($14,000 – 16,000) —> Web Development

FSC is a four week program that meets on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:30 – 9:30pm in Cambridge. You can apply directly on their site, tell them Launch sent you.

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