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Save Moneh Moneh

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Save Moneh Moneh Moneh.

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in web development, it’s a safe bet that you know there are a handful of different ways to level up your skills. Options range from self-learning via an online curriculum to a four-year Computer Science degree from a traditional university. The difficult part is determining where you fall on this spectrum. 

Weighing the pros and cons of each option can be tough. Things like curriculum scope, teaching philosophy, and learning environment all factor into the equation, but for most, those variables are overshadowed by program cost. Unfortunately, the future value of each dollar you put into your education is a difficult metric to evaluate, making this important variable even more challenging to figure out. Let’s try to break it down:

  • Average cost of 4 years tuition at a private university: $124,929 

  • Average cost of 4 years out-of-state tuition at public university: $91,932 (source)

  • Average cost of 4 years in-state tuition at public university: $36,556

  • Cost of Launch Academy 18 (Ignition + On Site) weeks: $15,500

That’s a lot of money. Don’t forget to add other costs like living expenses and relocation expense (if moving). And if you’re learning full-time, you’re giving up the income you’d otherwise be earning at a full-time job.

Forgetting for a moment the difference in tuition cost between the options above, consider how much faster the bootcamp route is: 3 months versus 4 years. This time savings is hugely significant when you factor in the fact that you’re able to go back to work 3.5 years earlier than you would if you studied at a traditional institution. That’s 3.5 years of extra salary in your pocket and 3.5 years of additional on-the-job experience under your belt that you wouldn’t get if you took the 4-year option.

With bootcamp job placement rates ranging between 85% and 100% (Launch Academy’s is 95%) and the starting salary for bootcamp graduates averaging $75,965 (source), going this route can put you way ahead of your colleagues going through a four-year-degree program. 

It’s time to get the ball rolling. You can learn more about our curriculum, teaching style, career placement support, and hear from past students here. Ready to take the plunge? Submit your application here

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