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Summer Application Closing Early

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Based on current volume, we are tracking to close our on-campus Summer 2016 cohort early. Launch Academy maintains a specific and efficient student:teacher ratio, and we can only accommodate so many students. We had to close our previous cohort early, and some were disappointed that they didn’t have the opportunity to apply. We apologize for that. This time around, we want to give you advanced notice, so you can plan accordingly.

*How quickly should I apply?*
Based on projections, the cohort would be filled in the next 3-5 weeks (this was written February 2nd). Apply before then.

*Why not take more students?*
Student:teacher ratio is a huge factor for us. With more students, the learning environment wouldn’t be optimized for student success.

*If I was accepted to the Spring cohort, can I enroll in Summer?*
Yes – just use the enrollment link that you received in your acceptance email. Or, let us know and we can provide it again.

*How do I apply?*
Please follow this link.

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