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Wicked Smaht

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We are no longer accepting applications for this scholarship competition. Stay tuned to the Launch Blog for updates on future scholarship opportunities!

It’s happening! 

There’s a sense of pride when it comes to our hometown. We love it, and we want to make our little slice even better. VentureFizz and Launch Academy have teamed up for what promises to be the most Boston scholarship ever. Introducing, the “Wicked Smaht” scholarship.

Here’s the rundown: In 500 words or less, we want to hear your ideas about how Boston can become the national leader in coding education. The best essay will receive full tuition to Launch Academy to learn to be a Full Stack programmer. Runner-up will receive a gift card to Dunks, because nothing else could be more Boston.

We like people with big ideas. Dangerous ideas. Weird ideas. Nothing is off the table, so question the conventional, be creative, and think outside the box. Impress us and win a full ride to Launch Academy for the Spring 2016 Cohort. How ya like them apples?

When you’re ready to apply, we’ll be waiting for you over at

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