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How to Avoid Mistakes as a Junior Software Developer

 Mistakes are inevitable when learning a new skill, and software development is no exception. Coding is all about exp...

3 minutes

Launcher Stories: Liishi Durbin

 Liishi Durbin had worked as the Assistant Director of Operations in the Undergraduate Admission Office at Simmons Un...

5 minutes

What You Need to Know About Coding Bootcamp

 Are you passionate about coding but nervous about enrolling in a coding bootcamp? It might ease your mind to have a ...

5 minutes

The #1 Mistake Junior Software Developers Make in Their Code

 Picture it: you’re a junior software developer, fresh out of a degree program, coding bootcamp, or self-taught train...

4 minutes

How to Prepare for Coding Bootcamp

 If you’ve decided to attend a coding bootcamp, you’ve reached a pivotal moment in your life. Becoming a software eng...

4 minutes

How to Apply Deliberate Practice In a Coding Bootcamp Setting

 Most classical education models follow a nearly identical format. A teacher lectures at the front of the classroom, ...

4 minutes

How to Write a Software Engineering Resume That Hiring Managers Will Love

 Our work at Launch Academy doesn’t end with providing a solid coding education for our students. We also want to hel...

5 minutes

How Do I Know If I'm Ready for Coding Bootcamp?

 Are you interested in becoming a software engineer but unsure if you should take the leap? Let’s find out if you’re ...

4 minutes

6 Tips to Help Aspiring Software Engineers Fight Imposter Syndrome

 You’ve probably seen this classic storyline play out before. . .The timer is running out and the pressure is on. The...

7 minutes

Why Choose a Coding Bootcamp With a Built-in Software Consultancy?

 What’s the best way to become an expert in your field?You could spend years doing research and studying how to succe...

5 minutes

A Beginner’s Guide to Software Coding Languages

 So you’ve decided to become a software engineer. Welcome to the club!You’re probably wondering where exactly to begi...

5 minutes

3 Must-Have Tools for Every Junior Software Developer

 If you’re just getting started with coding, one of the first decisions you’ll make is which developer tools you want...

5 minutes

Learning to Code: Teach Yourself or Invest in a Bootcamp?

 If you recently made the big decision to change careers and pursue a role in software development, the next step is ...

3 minutes

4 Reasons to Change Your Career to Computer Science

At Launch Academy, we’ve seen thousands of students work through the doors of our coding bootcamp. And we know from experience that the majority of people interested in computer science don’t know if they’ll be good enough as software engineers. This uncertainty often stops them from pursuing their dreams.

5 minutes

Ten Software Development Career Paths

It’s an extremely exciting time to be launching a software development career. Even the most junior software engineers hav...

5 minutes