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The Value of “Practice Like You Play” Learning for Aspiring Software Engineers

 If you’re looking for a traditional software development program, you’ve come to the wrong place. In fact, when I bu...

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How Long Does It Take To Become a Software Engineer without a Degree?

Do you know you want to become a software engineer but don't necessarily want to invest significant time and money into ge...

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The Most In-Demand Programming Languages for 2023

 “Which programming languages should I learn this year?” Every year, we receive this question from dozens of asp...

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How to Stay Current as Software Development Evolves

 The software industry is constantly evolving. To have a successful career, software developers must keep their skill...

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Nervous about the Cultural Interview for a Junior Software Developer Job? Nail It with These Tips

 Nervous about the interview process for your first entry-level software developer job? You’re not alone! Betwee...

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How to Succeed in Coding Bootcamp

 In a traditional educational environment, students tend to focus on the one indicator of success they’ve been condit...

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4 Things I Wish I Knew as a Young Software Developer

 Thanks to movies and television shows, most people have a preconceived notion about what being a software developer ...

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A Software Developer’s Guide to Daily Standups

 Team communication is crucial in a software development setting, and in most workplaces, meetings are the standard w...

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3 Elements of a Great Coding Portfolio

 Coding bootcamp is a phenomenal career hack for breaking into software engineering. Having this credential on your r...

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Land Your Next Software Engineering Job by Nailing the Whiteboard Interview

 At Launch Academy, we prepare students for the entirety of the software development interview process during our cod...

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How to Write a Software Engineering Resume That Hiring Managers Will Love

 Our work at Launch Academy doesn’t end with providing a solid coding education for our students. We also want to hel...

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4 Reasons to Change Your Career to Computer Science

At Launch Academy, we’ve seen thousands of students work through the doors of our coding bootcamp. And we know from experience that the majority of people interested in computer science don’t know if they’ll be good enough as software engineers. This uncertainty often stops them from pursuing their dreams.

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Ten Software Development Career Paths

It’s an extremely exciting time to be launching a software development career. Even the most junior software engineers hav...

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