Learn to Code with The HTML Show: Episode 2—How to Build Your First Web Page

Launch Academy

By Launch Academy

February 1, 2022

In this episode, we'll start writing our first lines of markup! We'll also dive into the landscape of modern web development, covering topics like web standards, responsive web design, W3C validation, and accessibility. Then, we'll talk about HTML elements and entities and begin to play around with code.

It’s important to follow the rules right out of the gate as we make our first web page. Learn how to reference publications from the W3C, a standards organization that regulates the way web pages are built. Producing W3C standard compliant markup is important for search engine optimization (SEO), as search engines penalize markup for not being compliant. It also helps to ensure your web pages look the same across all web browsers.

Episode 2 Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss modern web development: standards, responsive design, and popular browsers

  • Integrate meta elements, attributes, and values 

  • Validate HTML using the W3C validator service

  • Implement HTML comments to both document and hide markup 

  • Incorporate special characters using HTML entities 

  • Explore HTML resources and how to get help when you’re stuck

Let’s code!

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Lauren Alworth is a former member of the Launch Academy marketing team.