Learn to Code with the HTML Show: Episode 3—HTML Elements

Launch Academy

By Launch Academy

February 1, 2022

In our third episode, we expand on the HTML elements covered in The HTML Show: Episode 2. We’ll go over the differences between inline elements and block elements, and discuss the importance of semantics in your code.As you learn more about HTML markup and its elements, use your favorite websites as learning resources. Use tools like Chrome Inspector to view page source and check out how front end developers are writing their HTML code. You’ll start to see familiar elements, like div and section tags.
Understanding the semantics of HTML markup is one of the most important aspects of front end development. Writing good quality HTML makes for a consistent web experience for those who navigate to your web pages, and makes your content more accessible and digestible for search engines.Episode 3 Learning Objectives:
  • Incorporate the div element
  • Incorporate HTML5 elements: section, header, footer, and aside
  • Compare and contrast in-line vs. block-level elements
Let’s code!
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