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By Launch Academy

February 1, 2022

There's a special moment that happens a few times every year. A student at Launch Academy will stand up and shout, it works! Oh my God, it works! It's like witnessing the making of a mad scientist. It's special. That feeling is what we strive for, and what we want to bring to everyone. In many ways, it's why Launch Academy exists.

You can have a moment like that, too—at home, for free! Check out The HTML Show, hosted by Launch Academy Co-Founder Dan Pickett. Pickett will walk you through the foundations of HTML and CSS, a small portion of the Launch Academy curriculum that focuses on front end development. 

This course is recommended for anyone who wants to see if coding is something they could fall in love with—and the capstone project is coding a full web page. (You can do it!)

What You’ll Learn from The HTML Show

Through both our step-by-step process and our “learn by doing” approach, you’ll gain an understanding of how to build and deploy attractive web pages.

Every web page you interact with is made with HTML and CSS. While other languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and C# may be involved, the fundamentals of every web application boils down to HTML and CSS at its core. 

Who Should Watch The HTML Show?

The HTML Show is ideal for:

  • Total beginners in web development

  • Aspiring web developers who are just starting the process of applying to an accelerated learning program (like Launch Academy) or an undergraduate degree in software and computer science

  • People pursuing a new career path

  • Marketers who want to learn to code websites

  • Designers who want to learn to code websites

  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn to modify their websites 

What Will I Need in Order to Learn to Code?

  • A computer

  • An internet connection

  • A willingness to explore new concepts and learn 

Do I Need to Buy Any Software?

Nope. Thanks to the wonderful world of open source software, every application we use is freely downloadable and available via the web.

What Will I Learn from The HTML Show?

After completing the full installment of lessons from The HTML Show, you’ll:

  • Be able to build web pages with HTML and CSS

  • Have a web-based, responsive, and publicly accessible version of your resume

  • Understand an implemented example of real world web design

  • Determine if you like coding

  • Have taken the first step in pursuing a career in web development!

The HTML Show—Course Syllabus

Ready to get started? Let’s code!

Lauren Alworth is a former member of the Launch Academy marketing team.