Why Coding Bootcamps are Still a Good Idea: A Letter from Launch Academy Co-Founder Evan Charles

Launch Academy

By Launch Academy

February 1, 2022

Dear Launch Academy Community,

Like many others, we recently heard the unfortunate news that two high-profile coding bootcamps will soon cease operations. We’ve also seen the ensuing chatter about the viability of bootcamps, both as a business model and as a worthwhile option for students. So we wanted to be fully transparent and discuss why we think coding bootcamps are still a good idea, where we are as a business, and where we’re going.  

Launch Academy remains more passionate than ever toward offering people with an alternative option to learn the craft of web development. We’re committed to the bootcamp model, which comes with a lower cost and more accessibility than a four-year degree.

We launched in 2013 with the mission to help others become the best professional versions of themselves—and that mission is still relevant today. From our very first cohort, we have always been committed to running a sustainable, financially healthy organization that provides a quality education to each student. This means we will continue (as we always have) to grow more slowly—and in a leaner fashion—than most startups. 

In terms of sustainable growth, in the coming months, we’ll be offering more short-term learning opportunities such as learn-to-code events in Boston and Philadelphia. We’re excited to keep innovating and improving outcomes within the coding school industry.  

If you’re considering attending Launch Academy, or if you’re a current student or alum, we want to assure you: Launch Academy is dedicated to our mutual success. While the non-traditional programing education industry is entering a consolidation stage, we’re committed to delivering on the promises we’ve made to our students, hiring companies, and each other. 

In fact, our hiring partners attest to the quality of our graduates: “I attended a Launch Academy graduation in May,” says Dawn Tice of CJ Affiliate by Conversant. “We met many driven, prepared, skilled graduates who we were impressed with…we hired from this event and we’re very happy to have formed a partnership with Launch Academy’s team.” 

When it comes to our work, we do this because we love it. It's a way of life for us. And we plan to continue to do our small part in changing people's lives for many years to come.

We’ve got a long way to go—and we’re only just getting started.


Evan Charles

P.S. Still have questions about Launch Academy, or coding bootcamps in general? Let's chat! Shoot us a note at hello@launchacademy.com and we’ll follow up ASAP.

Evan Charles is the founder and COO of Launch Academy.