Embark on a part-time coding journey that leads to high-paying rewards.

Learn to code virtually, part time.

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  • Master in-demand skills
  • Learn while fully employed
  • Accelerate career growth
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Career growth shouldn't mean sacrificing your job

Balancing a full-time job while striving to break into the software development industry can feel like an impossible feat. You have responsibilities that can’t be put on hold to pursue the skills you need for the career you want. The time, effort, and resources required often discourage many aspiring techies from pursuing their passion.

That’s why we created our new part-time, online bootcamp option.

Open the door to a lucrative tech career

Imagine gaining the expertise to become a sought-after full stack developer, all while maintaining your current job. All without losing any of the support and academic rigor of our full-time, on campus program includes. Plus, here at Launch Academy, graduation is just a milestone along your journey - we provide ongoing career services, up-to-date learning experiences, and a strong alumni network for all our graduates to make sure you are supported throughout your career.

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Practical coding skills for real world success

Our instructor-led program equips you with real-world software development skills. It’s a shorter, more practical alternative to a traditional computer science degree, designed to focus on hands-on application rather than just theory.

Scheduled and Recorded Live Sessions

Learn collaboratively and in real-time, alongside your instructors and peers. If you can't make it, you can catch the recording.

Hands on, challenge-based curriculum

Understanding how technology works requires a learn-by-building approach. Through daily projects, regular workshops, and your personal capstone app, you’ll build skills sought by hiring managers.

Learn the right things, in the right order

You wouldn’t begin building a house by constructing the roof. Chronologically optimized learning is no different. Starting with time-tested fundamentals adds rocket fuel to your ultimate learning trajectory.

Learn from home, but not alone

While you can study from anywhere that has a solid internet connection and a quiet place to concentrate, you will be learning in a small cohort for peer support and interaction

Outcomes that match the technical skills hiring managers are looking for

Hiring managers inform curriculum enhancements every 90 days. With every cohort, we're updating the curriculum to ensure grads enter job interviews with the skills hiring companies want.

A Career Services Team Behind 1000+ New Jobs

Get the support you need to land the job with our proven career services team.

Module 1

JavaScript Fundamentals

Learn the basics of programming with JavaScript object-oriented programming.


Begin with understanding of basic syntax, data types and control flow.


Navigate compound data structures with powerful native JS functions.


Build interactive object-oriented applications with class syntax, methods and inheritance.

Module 2

Java Object-Oriented Programming

Expand your knowledge of object-oriented programming with powerful Java applications.


Learn how to write programs that are statically typed.


Build Java apps with key design patterns in mind, such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.


Discuss implementations with peers and instructors to make robust object oriented apps.

Module 3

Server-Side Web Development

Build your first dynamic web applications with core Java technologies.


Learn the essentials of HTML and CSS to make beautifully designed websites.


Utilize the server-side Java Servlets framework for handling web requests.


Integrate JSP and Thymeleaf to make dynamic web pages using HTML and Java.

Module 4

Full-Stack Web Development Mastery

Integrate each of the technologies you have learned into full-stack applications with client-side programming.


Revisit the JavaScript language and make responsive front end applications in ReactJS.


Learn asynchronous programming with fetch and your first API endpoints.


Develop with important industry tools for routing, authentication and data management.

Module 5

API Development & Capstone Project

Put everything you have learned together in robust web applications that utilize data-rich APIs and open source libraries.


Integrate third-party APIs such as Google, Yelp or Spotify.


Learn how to manage your development process with Agile methodology.


Understand the importance of Git workflow to simulate working on real software projects.

Module 6

Career Advancement and Post-Grad Support

After all of the preparation and study, you're ready to land your first job as a software developer.


Present your portfolio projects to interested employers seeking to hire graduates.


Develop a job search strategy with our career services team - from application to interview, to offer and negotiation.


‘Lifetime Access to Alumni Support’ provides you with quarterly curriculum updates so you can continue learning on the job and position yourself for promotions. Come back to Launch Academy as a free workshare to build side projects with alumni and expand your local professional network.

Navigating a career change? We’re here for you

As pioneers in the tech bootcamp industry, we understand the challenges and excitement of career change. We have a passion for software development and want to support you in finding your dream job in this exciting (and in demand) field. You might be looking for a change, or maybe learning how to code can make your current job easier. Either way, we've got your back.

It is one of the reasons we created this new program - hear more about why we are launching it from our Founder, Dan Pickett.

We want you to know we’re here to guide you through every step, providing rigorous training and ongoing support to ensure your success in the field.

We get you. We've got you.

Alex Schwartz
Director of Student Success

I’m here to make sure you are as successful as you can be at Launch. Fan of fantasy and sci-fi books, tea, JRPGs, board games, and playing music.

Nick Alberts
Boston Experience Manager

Your cruise director for the Boston On-Campus bootcamp experience. Usually doing improv around Boston, D&D for Launch alumni or staying up late adding unicorns to his slide deck.

Kerrin Gillis
Experience Engineer

As an instructor I really enjoy mentoring students in the skills they need for the field of software engineering. It’s amazing to see their progress as they grow! Outside of teaching I’ll often play a variety of RPG and VR games, trying to find new hiking trails, or taking our cats for walks in the yard.

Evan Charles

Helping people change careers since 2013! Hobbies include learning new things, spending time with my wife and two daughters and sharing laughs with friends.

Dan Pickett

Developer developer. When not mentoring or coding, he's usually playing with his three kids or two doggos. You might also catch him in a hockey rink or behind a drum kit.

Your software engineering career roadmap, in 3 simple steps

  1. Step 1: Get Familiar

    Attend expert instructor-led sessions and dive into our comprehensive curriculum.

  2. Step 2: Get Serious

    Hone your skills through hands-on projects and coding challenges, with continuous feedback on your progress.

  3. Step 3: Get Paid

    Get support from our dedicated team to land your new job and join our network of successful graduates.

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Land the job. Learn for Life.

Learning doesn’t end when you land your first job. Launch Academy graduates enjoy continuous curriculum access and updates so they can keep their skills up-to-date for changing market needs. They also have access to our Career Services support, and best of all, an incredible alumni network - all for life!

Flexible Tuition Options to Meet Your Needs

All accepted students enroll with a $1,000 refundable deposit to save their seat. You will have a one-time option to defer to a future cohort prior to week 1 should you need more time to prepare. We offer $500 diversity scholarships for anyone who feels they have a background which is underrepresented in the software engineering field.

Pay upfront

Try before you buy. Pay your full tuition in week 2 of the program. Your deposit is fully refundable anytime prior to this date.

Pay after you graduate

Defer tuition until 3 months after graduation through our loan partner, Ascent. Calculate payments and learn more. Includes options for a cost of living stipend for as much as $6,000.

Revolutionize your career with practical coding skills

Gear up for your tech transformation. Upon completion of our program, you’ll be able to:

  • Build dynamic web applications from scratch
  • Ace technical interviews with confidence
  • Collaborate effectively in agile development teams
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends
  • Land a high-paying job in the thriving field of software development

Ready to write your success story in code?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition and are there any scholarships and/or financing options available for the online program?
What are the student outcomes for the program?
What is the schedule and learning paradigm throughout the program’s phases?
What level of career support is offered during and after the program?
What level of career support is offered during and after the program?
Do we work on projects during the program?
What technologies do you teach and why?
What are the prerequisites to successfully attend the program?
What are the common skills or qualities of successful students?

Successful students are committed to learning and have built discipline into their daily lives to ensure they have prioritized learning in order to set themselves up for success during the program. Common traits leading to success include a passion towards collaborative learning, an interest in hands-on learning, a willingness to think differently about how to best learn a new skill, fortitude to fight through the struggle of learning and a trust in those who have learned in a similar paradigm so that you can stand on the shoulders of giants as you achieve your goal of loving what you do for work.

What are the key differentiators between Launch Academy and other Skill Schools?
Do I need to own a computer to attend Launch Academy?
What kind of certificate do I get from Launch Academy?

Graduates receive a Letter of Completion with the ability to add the Launch Academy logo of experience to your LinkedIn profile for prospective employers to validate your successful graduation from the program.

What are the cohort sizes?

While we don’t set specific cohort size limits, we do like to keep size during the on campus phase to less than 30 students. Like all rules, there are exceptions. However, one exception we will never make is providing low student to teacher ratios. This is one of the pillars to our high level of education at Launch Academy. People learn better when they have support - ideally in person - and in small groups. Deviating from that philosophy is a nonstarter for us.

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