What You Need to Know About Coding Bootcamp

Dan Pickett

By Dan Pickett

May 4, 2022


Are you passionate about coding but nervous about enrolling in a coding bootcamp? It might ease your mind to have a clearer understanding of what lies ahead. 

Bootcamp is fundamentally different from the traditional classroom experience. It’s designed to give you broad exposure to software development concepts and methods in a short timeframe so that you can evolve from amateur to professional as quickly as possible.


Coding bootcamp is fundamentally different from the traditional classroom experience. It’s designed to help you evolve from amateur to professional as quickly as possible.


So, what can you expect from coding bootcamp? Let’s take a closer look.

5 Features of Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps don’t typically adhere to standard classroom models. At Launch Academy, we strive to offer a different and more valuable experience than other programs. Here are five features of our coding bootcamp:

Flipped classroom approach

In most traditional class settings, the instructor uses class time to lecture and assigns students work to complete at home. Launch Academy’s coding bootcamp flips this approach. We give you new material to consume as homework and then use class time to apply those concepts. The flipped classroom method allows students to optimize their time with the instructor and ask questions while completing assignments.

Challenge-based learning

Instead of testing students’ knowledge by assigning readings and giving quizzes, we employ a challenge-based learning approach. The goal is to help students assimilate knowledge incrementally each day by challenging them in new ways and building on the concepts they’ve learned. Instead of waiting until the end of a module to test your comprehension of the materials, we empower you to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice through experiential learning.

Short and intense

Our immersive is just 10 weeks at Launch Academy, but those weeks are rigorous. Per the Pareto principle, our goal is to provide you with the 20% of a computer science education that yields 80% of the results—and we do it in a fraction of the four years it would take to earn a software engineering degree. The compressed timeline for bootcamp leaves very little room for anything else. It’s critical to dedicate oneself fully to the program for the duration, but don't worry—we ensure that every aspect of it is valuable to your future career in software development.

Career hack

In computer science, a hack is a way to exploit a system and gain entry when you wouldn’t otherwise have had access. Coding bootcamp is a career hack because it takes advantage of the fact that the demand for software engineers outpaces the supply. Companies need new developers, and bootcamp prepares you to get to work quickly while ensuring you add immense value to an organization.

High return on investment (ROI)

The cost of a four-year degree has more than doubled in the 21st century, increasing at a rate of 6.8 percent annually. At Launch Academy, we appreciate the importance of ROI in education. In most cases, students can earn back what they spent on our bootcamp in their first year as a software engineer. Students also see an excellent return on their time investment. There aren’t many other professional trajectories that allow you to change your career in just 10 weeks.

Coding Bootcamp from Start to Finish

If these features seem attractive, coding bootcamp may be the right option for you. Here’s what the ideal path ahead will look like:

Step 1: Get familiar with coding

Before enrolling in a coding bootcamp, you’ll want to be certain that you actually like what coding entails: solving computer science problems, building something from nothing, and dealing with uncertainty. These are the kinds of things you’ll be doing every day as a software engineer! We suggest tinkering with software and technology for at least 40-80 hours to determine if coding is the right fit for your skills and interests.

Step 2: Enroll in a prerequisite program

We advise students to enroll in a part-time prerequisite program to confirm their interest and learn the basics of coding. These programs can run anywhere from 4-20 weeks, depending on the format. At Launch Academy, the prerequisite program lasts 8 weeks and is known as “Ignition.”

Step 3: Enter the immersive phase

Immersive programs usually range from 8-14 weeks, and Launch Academy finds the sweet spot with a 10-week program. During this time, you won’t have the bandwidth to work elsewhere, and you’ll need to eat, sleep, and breathe coding to reap the full benefits of the experience. It’s crucial to prepare for it financially and set reasonable expectations about your availability with your loved ones.

Step 4: Post-graduation support

While other boot camps might leave students high and dry after completing their coursework, but not Launch Academy. We have a career support module that runs for 8 weeks, but in reality, we offer lifetime career support to our alumni. After Launch Academy students graduate, they can access programs to help them structure their time spent coding, searching for jobs, and preparing for interviews. Beyond time management, we help students navigate job offers and negotiation throughout the entirety of their careers.

Bootcamp is a major commitment, but don’t let that intimate you! Our program is designed to help you reach your full potential as a software engineer, and our instructors will be there with you every step of the way. 

Interested in enrolling in coding bootcamp? Download our syllabus to see what Launch Academy has to offer!